Meet the Team

Laura Derbonne (she/her)

National Co-PresidenT

Laura is a 2L at Tulane University Law School in New Orleans, Louisiana. Laura is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, and an alumna of New York University, where she became interested in disability law and advocacy after being diagnosed as autistic during her junior year. At Tulane, Laura founded and serves as President of the Tulane Disabled Law Students Association. She is passionate about eliminating the stigmas surrounding neurodiversity and disabilities in the legal field through visibility.

You can reach Laura at

Haley Miller (she/her)

National Co-President

Haley is a 3L at Seattle University School of Law. She became interested in disability advocacy work following lived experience with ableism and discrimination while working with multiple invisible disabilities in the tech field. At Seattle U, Haley founded and serves as President of the Disability Justice Collective. After graduation, Haley plans to practice civil rights litigation, representing plaintiffs with disabilities and mental health challenges in employment, education, and housing discrimination cases. In her (limited) free time, Haley enjoys trail running and paddle boarding around Lake Union in Seattle, WA.

You can reach Haley at

Luis Rivera

director, Pre-law Outreach

Bio coming shortly. 

You can reach Luis at

Erica Blue

Director, law school support

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Matt Emal (he/him)

director, licensure

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Josh Donner (he/him)

Director, prof. development

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Julea Seliavski (they/them)

Director of advocacy


Julea Seliavski is an autistic, nonbinary artist practicing within the legal field. Julea uses collaborative approaches to the law by emphasizing the expert as the “user” to facilitate social practice projects. They hold a B.F.A. in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and an M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice from MICA. Currently they are pursuing a Juris Doctorate to be able to practice the law as an artist. Their activism work centers issues of disability, trans rights and education law. Post-law school they plan to open a center dedicated to similar work they have done with RVA26 in Richmond, VA. The center will provide legal and community support on various projects by bringing together the professional spheres of art and law. Through this model, Julea seeks to de-professionalize the field by emphasizing the “expert” is not always the one with the degree, but rather the one impacted by the issue.


 You can reach Julea at

Anna Reid (she/her)

director at-large

Bio coming shortly.

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Maurice Whitehurst (he/him)

Director, public relations

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You can reach Maurice at

Emma Nargi (she/her)

Director, social media

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You can reach Emma at

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