Meet the Team

This team is composed of some of the most capable, hardworking people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  They’re willing to learn and grow in order to better our legal profession. They’re dedicated advocates for equal rights and accessibility.


I hope that you’ll be as lucky as I am to get to know these outstanding individuals.


Olivia Lu

NDLSA Executive Director


AJ, a Black man with a dark beard, is wearing a grey cap sideways and a grey Star Wars shirt. He is giving two thumbs up and smiling at the camera.

AJ Link (He/Him)


AJ Link is the Co-President of the NDLSA dealing with external affairs. He oversees Outreach and Advocacy, Educational Resources, and Professional Development.

AJ Link received his JD from The George Washington University Law School in 2020.  He is currently pursuing an LLM in Space Law at the University of Mississippi.

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Jeremy Wertz (He/Him)


Jeremy Wertz is the Co-President of the NDLSA dealing with internal affairs. He oversees Accommodations, Research, and Bar Task Force.



Jeremy received his JD from Harvard Law School in 2020.  He is currently studying for the bar when not advocating for disability rights. 

Olivia is smiling in a professional headshot photo.

Olivia Lu (She/Her)

Executive Director

Olivia is the Executive Director for NDLSA and works on organization culture, efficiency, and administrative affairs.



Olivia is currently a 3L at the University of Texas School of Law at Austin. Besides disability diversity advocacy, Olivia is interested in corporate governance and arbitration. 

Lucy Trieshmann (She/Her)


As Treasurer, Lucy is NDLSA’s paperwork guru. Prior to law school, she worked for the Blue Trunk Foundation, a disability rights nonprofit focused on accessible travel.


Lucy is a 2L at New York University School of Law, where she is a co-chair for the Disabled Allied Law Students Association for 2020-2021. Lucy received the Root-Tilden-Kern Scholarship to pursue her passion for disability rights work at NYU Law. 

Beth has long brown hair and pale skin. She is wearing a green blazer.

Beth Karp (She/Her)

DIr. Accommodations

Beth is the Director of Accommodations for NDLSA. She manages the many projects and tasks of the Accommodations Committee and subcommittees.


Beth holds a JD and MPP from the University of Chicago, where she spearheaded numerous accessibility initiatives. She is currently serving as a judicial law clerk in the Western District of Missouri.

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Tara Roslin (She/Her)

Dir. Research

Tara is the Director of Research for NDLSA, conducting numerous surveys to investigate the experience of disability in legal education and the legal profession.


Tara is a graduate of Boston University School of Law (‘20) where she founded BU Disability Law Advocates and Allies (BUDLAA), a joint affinity and professional development student group for disabled students, their allies, and students interested in the practice of disability law. 

Grace is in formal attire in a wheelchair. She is giving the camera two thumbs up and a big smile. Ze has shoulder-length curly hair that ze is wearing down. In the background is a bright sign for a law building, grass, and stone.

Grace Burnham (Ze/Zer)

DIr. Outreach

Grace is the Director of Outreach & Advocacy (external affairs) with NDLSA. Ze coordinates with student organizations and plans NDLSA events.


Grace was founding co-president of Lawyers and Scholars with Disabilities at the University of Pittsburgh School  of Law, where ze is currently on leave while working out disability accommodations. Zer interests include disability justice, reproductive justice, and Star Trek.

Morgan Siegel (She/Her)

Interim Dir. Events

Morgan is the interim Director of Events with NDLSA. She coordinates with student organizations and plans NDLSA events.

Morgan is a 1L at the University of Texas School of Law at Austin. She is interested in the federal judiciary as well as pro bono civil rights advocacy.

Kyra Sweeney (She/Her)

DIr. Ed. Resources

Kyra is the Director of Education Resources (external affairs) with NDLSA. She coordinates with student organizations and prepares resources on accommodations for students and schools alike.


Kyra is a 2L at Boston University School of Law. Before law school, Kyra worked for two years as an accessible technology specialist in Denver, CO.

Jordan Berger (She/Her)

Dir. Prof. Development

Jordan is the Director of Professional Development (external affairs) with NDLSA. Jordan manages NDLSA’s affiliated support groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Jordan received her JD from NYU School of Law in 2020, where she has served as a co-chair of NYU’s Disability Allied Law Student Association from 2018 to 2020.

Mercedees stands in front of an artistic wall decorated with blue paintings on a white background. She has long dark hair and is wearing business casual dark clothing. She is smiling in a direction slightly to the left of the camera.

Mercedees Rees (She/Her)

Dir. Public Relations

Mercedees is the Director of Public Relations (executive team) with NDLSA. She ensures consistent messaging across the organization.


Mercedees is a 2L at Syracuse University College of Law and pursuing a Master of Cultural Foundations of Education with a certificate in Disability Studies. She serves as President of the Disability Law Society and works as a Research Associate for nonprofits.

Aly McKnight (She/Her)

DIr. Social Media

Aly is the Director of Social Media (executive team) with NDLSA. She maintains NDLSA’s social media presence and keeps track of current events.


Aly is a 2L at Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL). Prior to law school, Aly worked in several different roles as a community engagement professional

Associate Directors

Dani Pocock



University of Chicago School of Law ’19

Sara is wearing a dark, form-fitting turtleneck and a smartwatch. She has brown hair slightly past her shoulders. She is smiling at the camera and in the background is the Supreme Court building.

Sara Margolis

LSAT Accommodations


University of North Carolina School of Law ’23

Marissa is wearing colorful business attire. Her hair is brown and she has pale skin. She is smiling at the camera.

Marissa Ditkowsky



Gallogly Family Foundation Fellow, Tzedek DC
American University Washington College of Law ’19
Matt has brown hair and brown eyes. He is smiling and wearing a light blue button-down shirt.

Matt Sokol

Academic Accommodations


American University Washington College of Law ’23

Sydney is outdoors, looking at the camera. They have light skin, close-cropped brown hair, and dark red lips. They are wearing a white T-shirt.

T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus

Pre-law outreach & engagement

They/Them, She/Her

Penn State Dickinson Law ’24

Andrea is in front of a brick wall. She has dark brown hair and light skin. She is wearing a red shirt and smiling.

Andrea Parente

Human Resources & Mutual Support


Associate Attorney, Bross & Frankel, P.A.

Yale Law School ’19

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