The National Disabled Law Students Association unequivocally condemns the January 6th Capitol riots. 

From our nation’s earliest days, there has been a hard-fought battle to secure America’s promise of liberty for all individuals regardless of one’s disability, race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. On January 6th, the United States witnessed violence that threatened our shared national values of free and fair elections, choice, and opportunity. Marginalized individuals have experienced the brunt of the hatred, white supremacy, and violence for hundreds of years– now, the United States has seen its culmination in an attack on the United States Capitol and our very democracy. 

As an organization of law students and lawyers, we take particular interest in the rule of law, attainment of equity, and the pursuit of liberty and justice for all. Our nation’s democratic principles demand that those who committed this violence must be held as accountable as those who fan the flames of hatred if we, as a country, are to move forward.

The National Disabled Law Students Association commits to furthering our organization’s goal of a more equitable future and refuses to engage with any individual or organization known to have participated in or encouraged the January 6th riots. Instead, we look forward to collaborating with individuals and organizations who share our goal of a better future for our cherished democracy. 

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