The NDLSA Disabled Community Mutual Support Group will be a space for disabled individuals within the legal profession to process their experiences together and support each other. The group meets through Zoom and will be explicitly and exclusively for individuals with disabilities, rather than those identifying solely as allies. Sessions will be on Thursdays at 8 PM EST on a biweekly basis and run for an hour. CART services are provided at all sessions.



Mutual support group sessions will consist of confidential discussions designed to help group members reflect on their own personal and professional experiences as disabled individuals in the legal profession. Discussion may be informed by brief readings, for example, blog posts by disabled individuals or selections from anthologies of writings by disabled individuals. The group will provide an opportunity for members to set goals for themselves and report back to the group about their progress during group sessions. Between sessions, group members will have the option to pair up with other group members to serve as accountability partners.



Members will also have the opportunity between sessions to submit requests for topics or to facilitate upcoming sessions. The first Mutual Support Group session will be on Thursday, January 21, 2021, at 8 PM EST.



To participate in the group, email with the following information:

 – Name

 – Email address (used for future mutual support group communications)

 – Accommodation/accessibility requests

 – Requests for discussion topics or activities

 – Any questions, comments, or ideas.


This group is free; however, if you are able to support our associated accessible technology costs, please do so via our Paypal.

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